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If you’re looking for hot tips for DealDash you have come to the right place. Read this article and start winning!

You all want to win more auctions on DealDash, right? Well, reading this blog article is a great start. Getting wins on DealDash (and in life!) takes some effort if you want to be successful. So read this article on some hot tips for winning more auctions. You’ll find some great tips and cool information that you can use. Read on for more information.

WOW, New Items!

Have you seen the new items that are available for auction? One of the best ways to win an auction is to bid on some of the new items. When an item first comes up for bid you can sometimes sneak in before everyone has seen it. Many people come to DealDash and either search for a particular item or browse in their favorite categories. This means that they aren’t seeing the new items available unless they are in their chosen categories. You can see a bigger variety of items if you make sure to check out the “New Items” category. You can find these items at this link right here.

My Favorite Promotion

The best promotion that DealDash offers, in my opinion, is when many auctions start at the same time. This promo isn’t offered as often as some of the other ones, so it’s a real treat when it happens. Thankfully, today, August 11th, DealDash is offering this very promotion! It will begin at 6 PM Eastern Time. You will see 50 (yes, FIFTY!) auctions begin at one time. This is a great opportunity for you to sneak in and win an item for just a few bids. I’ve won more than a few auctions with less than 10 bids, and many of these occurrences have happened during this particular promo.

Just Jump in and Bid!

Don’t be shy when you first start bidding on DealDash. Sure, it might be a little scary to bid for your first time. However, there is nothing to fear! Everyone is a newbie in the beginning, and you will get the hang of it in no time. Just think, even the most experienced bidders were in their first auction at some point.

Even though people can be competitive on DealDash, many of them are quite kind when they see that you are new. Everyone can see when each person joined DealDash from looking at their Bidder Bio that pops up when you bid. I fondly remember on one of my first auctions a more experienced bidder let me win the auction. I have since passed on the kindness to other bidders when I see that it’s their first couple of days bidding.

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When you use these hot tips and tricks to participate in DealDash auctions you put yourself at a great advantage. Use these hot tips from the DD Tips Blog to help you triumph in auctions.

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