Buy It Now Is Your DealDash Life Raft

Feel like you’re sinking every time you sink money into an auction and end up losing? Let DealDash’s Buy it Now be your life raft. 
10385109984_d69bc9c833_z Buy it Now on DealDash is an incredible feature and makes entertainment auction bidding much more enjoyable, but what exactly is it and how does it work?
Buy it Now on DealDash will help you save money and get great deals.
What happens on DealDash is a lot of members can bid but only one bidder will be a winner.
So, where do all the bids go that were placed by bidders? The bids were already purchased by users, so DealDash already has the money you spent on the bids, after all that was the part of the deal up front.
You buy bids, there are some great items, and you have a platform to try to win them… So  you either have deeper pockets or can bid longer than all of the other bidders participating, or you can back out when it doesn’t look like an end is in sight anytime soon and get all, yes, ALL of your placed bids BACK into your bidding account and get the item.
You will have to pay the item’s purchase price, of course, but rest assured that the item will arrive at your door soon and at a very competitive market price. Usually the buy it now price that is listed on DealDash is the very same price that you can find the item for on or Walmart. Plus, most of the items are fulfilled by either trusted retailer.
Penny auctions are inherently a win some, lose some game. Entertainment shopping is supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to suck your money out of your bank account leaving you broke and empty handed. Sure you are willingly handing over your money to try to win, but DealDash offers a very good opportunity to save money, have fun, and score deals. Just know you will not win every time you try. There are other bidders who want to win too. There are a few things you can do to be a smarter bidder, but the most important feature that DealDash offers is their buy it now. So be sure to take advantage of it!
When should you buy it now?
You can buy it now at any time, but especially use buy it now when you have reached a point where you have spent a significant amount of money on bids and the auction ends, or you have to stop bidding.  Say an item you are bidding on is a Samsung Smart HDTV valued at $900 – you have already spent $450 at this point, you would keep going to try to win but you are paying more money in bids but what happened is the auction ended you were looking away from the screen for 2 seconds, hit bid and it was already too late. The auction ended – everyone that was on bid buddy is now off of it but you’re not out of luck, you can get your bids back, yes 100% of them back into your account – that $450 doesn’t have to be a waste, if you use buy it now for the TV. Can’t really afford it but don’t want to lose? Use buy it now, get the item and resell it on eBay or Craigslist or to a friend over Facebook. Reclaim the money you spent, get your bids back and win another item. Who knows you may even win the same TV for less than what you spent on bids the first time. You really never know. Just know the safety net is there and it’s a great one to take advantage of.
Say you drive a lot and gas takes a lot out of your monthly income – bid on gas gift cards. You can win some, but you will lose some. so what happens when you lose? Use buy it now – get all of your bids back to try again and get a gas gift card that you will use and were going to use anyway!
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