Grocery Bills Getting Your Down? 

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According to MSN Money, thanks to inflation, the cost of food in the US will increase by at least 4% in 2015. What will food cost in 4 years? 

“Big-time inflation is headed for the grocery aisles, and whatever your diet, you’ll feel the hit. Compare the prices of common foods today with what they’re likely to cost in 2015.”
Grocery item: A loaf of bread

  • Typical price in 2011: $1.85/lb
  • Estimated price in 2015: $2.16/lb
  • Predicted annual price increase for all cereal products: 4%

Grocery item: A gallon of milk

  • Typical price in 2011: $3.30
  • Estimated price in 2015: $3.86
  • Predicted annual price increase for all dairy products: 4%

Grocery item: Ground beef

  • Typical price in 2011: $3.59/lb
  • Estimated price in 2015: $4.71/lb
  • Predicted annual price increase for red meat: 7% 

Grocery item: Chicken breast

  • Typical price in 2011: $3.21/lb
  • Estimated price in 2015: $4.37/lb
  • Predicted annual price increase for poultry: 8%

Prices at the grocery store have definitely already gone up, but don’t be dismayed there are ways to save money on your food bill!
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Combine these deals with extreme couponing (Extreme Couponing tips can be found online on one of many blogs such as The Krazy Coupon Lady
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Tell us how you keep your grocery costs low!