Winter IS Coming, Brace Yourself at DealDash!

Be Prepared for Winter 2016 with DealDash

Here in the Northeast we have had little snow in 2015, and the weather has been crazy throughout the country.  But rest assured, Winter is coming!  With Christmas behind us and the whole winter ahead it’s time to think about your winter warmth and safety.  

DealDash can help you get prepared for cold weather if you live in a cold climate, and they can help warm a chilly night in the warmer climates.  DealDash has an amazing variety of unusual items that are difficult to find, but they have it, and it’s delivered free!  Right now there are some great sales going on, so it’s a good time to stock up on bids and pile on the free bids.  


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You will find shovels, and snow blowers to keep your driveway clear. 
DealDash has been very generous with the Free Bid Multiplier, and the sale continues this week.  Some days this week we also have the 50% off final price, it’s a good alternative to the Free Sale because people tend not to over bid as much.  What ever day you pop into Deal Dash you will find bargains this week.  

You do want to be prepared because when you do, it won’t snow!  If you forget to put the shovel out by the door, it will snow…at least that’s what happens for me.  



For the fireplace it’s always convenient  to have a stack of dry wood right next to it.  Keep it organized with dry wood and all you tool in one unit.  

And for your home a roof rake, this is one of the most important jobs in the winter as the load of snow on your home could cause it to collapse and it’s fairly easy to avoid. 

When you are thinking about the items you need to get through the Winter of 2016 head on over to DealDash (any day this week) to discover ways to protect yourself, your family, your home and your car from the elements of winter while realizing savings and bonuses like free bids and free shipping.  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!