Travel Season Is Upon Us! Save At DealDash!

After the first of the year everyone gets cabin fever, even though we haven’t had much of a winter yet, we are still itching to get out of town.  What ever you do, be it driving or flying, DealDash has you covered.  

If you are flying out of town, you will be able to find the finest quality suitcases at DealDash, they are sturdy, well made and they roll! This is the Traveler’s Club Expandable Hard side Carry-On.

As well as a suitcase, you can find American Airlines Gift cards in denominations from $50 to $250 dollars and often the card come with a bunch of bids.   If your plan is to drive away from the cold weather, you can cash is on Gasoline Gift Cards from fuel providers all over the country. DealDash carries Chevron, Mobil, Shell and BP gas card and they often come with a bunch of bid too!

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You can eat on the road with DealDash as well.  They have Burger King, Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards in a variety of denominations.  You may not always want to eat at these restaurants, and that is why DealDash  also has Red Robin, Applebees, Ruby Tuesday and iHop Gift Cards, you are sure to find a deal if you play for these cards, it’s money that you were going to spend anyway, so if you end up using the value of the card in bids, purchase the items, and you will get your bids back!  So you get to bid for free, really.  

While you are in the car, you can save a lot of money on beverages and the environment if everyone in the car had their own water bottle.  DealDash has an eco-friendly water bottle that is reasonably priced, and I know from traveling that you can save a bundle by purchasing a gallon of water and filling the water bottles, then you recycle the gallon bottle and the planet is happy too!

There is a great variety of travel items at DealDash that make traveling easier.  The Travel Iron designed by Sunbeam is on of the coolest little iron’s I’ve ever seen. It’s only $21 and the average selling price at DealDash is  just a  few dollars!

There are items to keep you clothes pressed and looking good! 

You can steam your clothing or you can iron them, either way you prefer, DealDash has you covered.  

If you travel with children you will love this BabyTrend Expedition Travel System, Stroller and car seat. From the car to the stroller, this unit is the greatest invention since babies! 


However you choose to travel be it by plane or on land, DealDash has the items to make your trip go smoother and much more efficiently.  When you are planning your winter holiday, think about starting at DealDash, you will have a whole lot of fun and get great deals! And Remember, if you don’t win, you can purchase your item and get all the bids you used back! Yes, every bid, not just a few like other sites, every single bid! 

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, customer since 2014.