Bid Wizards

Are you a Bid Wizard on

Bid Wizards instinctively know where to be and when to be there. Bid Wizards are shoppers who consistently win auctions on DealDash using a minimal number of bids. Bid Wizards win great bargains because they have developed bidding strategies that work.

Let’s face it. Everyone can win auctions if they have plenty of bids to place into BidBuddy. It does not take skill to win auctions if we are rich enough to buy hundreds or thousands of bids.

Bid Wizard Rules

Of course the fewer bids we use to win auctions on DealDash, the fewer bids we have to buy. Therefore, Bid Wizards conserve bids by doing the following:

  • Check the Winners’ List to see which auctions are selling for the least amount and for the fewest number of bids and then focus on winning those auctions.
  • Always place a small number of bids at the beginning of the auctions we most want to win. We never know when an auction might close early and that’s when we want to be there.
  • Place more than one bid in auctions that have the fewest number of competitors.
  • Avoid bidding in the same auctions with power bidders who consistently bid over the value of the auction products.
  • Look at the closing cost of the last seven winners and figure out the cost the auction usually closed at. Save bids until the auction gets to that “average” winning amount.
  • Save the bulk of our bids until the auction gets down to the last two or three serious bidders.

By following these rules, we could become Bid Wizards, too!

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