All Auctions Wins Free This Weekend on DealDash!

Wouldn’t you like to save even more money bidding on auctions at DealDash?
This weekend DealDash is running a Free Sale Weekend promotion! This means that DealDash will waive the final auction price if you win an auction. So the only thing you have to spend money on are your bids!
free sale-weekend-promo-dealadash
To try to win on DealDash  you must first purchase a bid pack.
All bids on DealDash are sold in bid packs with a regular price of $0.60 per bid, this weekend with the Free Sale Weekend DealDash is offering all bids for $0.16 each. Bid packs range in value from 200 bids for $32, 400 for $64, 900 for $144, 1800 for $288, 3500 for $560.
With free end prices you could win a big screen HDTV deal for less! Since these auctions often go quite high, or maybe even a brand new Apple computer, iPod, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tablet, furniture for your house, Omaha Steaks to eat and more!
Did you know that you can get an even better deal on bids to win items for less? DealDash offers different ways to earn free bids.