How to Bid on DealDash

One reader recently told us that they found out about DealDash on a TV commercial, but still doesn’t understand how it all works.
If you watch the commercial below you will see how the bidders say they won items for $100, iPhone for $8, a lot of items for less than $50, and so on. All great deals, but the end price includes all bids placed on the item. So how does it work and how can you save money by bidding on DealDash?
1. First, you need to register on and purchase bids.
When you register and choose a username you do have a choice to purchase a bid pack, but you are not required to. Bids cost $0.60 each with your initial bid pack. If you purchase additional bid packs during a bid promo your bids will be significantly cheaper.
For instance, this week on Black Friday Week on DealDash bids are discounted and are currently $0.15 each. It’s better to buy bids when there are promotions because then you will have an advantage bidding against bidders who just have their initial bid pack or $0.60 bids!
2. Understand the bidding process!
Know how DealDash works! It’s an auction site unlike the traditional auction format you’ve become accustomed to. All auctions start at $0 and each bid raises the price of the end price (the price that a bidder will pay if they win) by one cent $0.01. You can place a bid and a bidder can place a bid over you and with each bid placed the auction clock is reset by 10 seconds. So if it’s at 2 seconds and you feel like you’re going to win it could be really frustrating to see a bidder bid over you and add more time on the clock> This is how penny auctions work and why sites like DealDash enable bidders to get great deals on new laptops, cameras, iPads and so much more!
Have you bid on
As seen in the below commercial some bidders have won over 100 items on DealDash!