Better Bidding Tips for Winning on DealDash

dealdashtipsBidding on DealDash and on penny auctions in general can be a fun and rewarding experience, it can also be very frustrated for a few reasons…
1.) If you don’t win, but you need to realize that you won’t win every time you bid.- but that’s a given, you know this going in and if you don’t you really need to!
2.) Disappointment can also come when you don’t click bid in time and the auction ends with the high bidder.You hit bid when the clock still had  2 seconds left, right? Sometimes that’s not enough time and you shouldn’t make a habit of bidding past the 5 second mark. The problem is there could be a lag time from when you hit bid and when the system registers your bid. So definitely bid earlier rather than later!

  • Bid Buddy Really Is Your Buddy –
    Another way to guarantee your bid fires be sure to set a bid buddy with the specified number of bids to bid for you you can set this to begin earlier, or later, as long as it’s before the $5.00 no jumper point and you keep track of how many bids it is using and that they are in your account.
  •  Pay attention to Internet usage. Don’t download or stream any large files while bidding. Make sure you are the only computer connected to your network. I’d suggest connected via Ethernet vs. WiFi if you can, that way you will have a more stable connection.
  •  Start out small by only bidding on the penny auctions on DealDash that you want to buy it now, that way you can practice bidding, use buy it now if you don’t win, get your bids back. It’s a win-win and a great way to get your feet wet!
  • Definitely take advantage of bid sales. For Independence Day Holiday Bids are currently $0.15!
  • No Jumper Auctions can work to your advantage. As long as you bid before the no jumper lock sets in at $5