The Best Auctions for the DIY Enthusiast or Creator Nerd!

solidoodle-printerA 3D Printer! Yes, FINALLY DealDash has auctions for 3D printers! For instance, this Solidoodle 4- 3D printer lets you print whatever you can draw online with plastic parts up to 8x8x8. There’s an easy to open lid for quick access to your 3D creations inside, a snap-on filament spool holder allows simple filament installation. You can only print 3D shapes in one color with this machine but all the reviews make it sound like this is a great choice.
It’s currently active and the highest bid price is now at $9.59 with bidders steadily bidding! Buy it now price is $1,000.

Solidoodle had a plan to manufacture a great 3D printer and partnered with Micro Center to offer it in stores just before the holidays last year. It can print straight out of the box complete with easy to use software for enthusiasts and CAD experts alike.

Product Features

3D printer

Produces plastic parts up to 8″ x 8″ x 8″.

Compatible with 1.75mm ABS and PLA plastic filament

For creating parts with up to 0.1mm resolution.

Thumbwheel calibration control

Enables easy, wrench-free adjustment of platform height.

Steel frame

As well as a powdercoat steel enclosure provides a durable design. The easy-open lid enables quick access to the interior.

Internal case fan with air filter

Keeps the build chamber properly ventilated.

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PCMag tested the new Solidoodle 4 and said,

 Specifically, it features a larger build area, an enclosed build space, a more effective way to feed filament, and an easier way to set the extruder height. It costs more, but it’s a good value for the money, targeted at an eclectic user base that includes makers, professionals, schools (due to its relatively easy setup and operation), and tech-savvy consumers.” –PCMag


brother hobby cutBrother ScanNCut Home and Hobby Cutting Machine  is also another perfect item for the crafter DIY-er. It requires no cartridge or PC even. This Scan N Cut lets you scan anything from handmade drawings to photos, decor and more. And then create custom-cut shapes or outlines to fit your unique project.  The high-quality built-in 300DPI scanner, combined with precise cutting technology, large LCD display screen with on-screen advanced editing capabilities and more than 600 built-in designs all give you the tools you need to raise your creative possibilities to a new level. It features an 11.7-inch wide scanning and cutting area to accommodate large projects. It includes a full set of accessories and is easy to use right out of the box. – See more at:

Buy it now for $491 or try to win it for less on DealDash!