Healthy Living Starting with 10,000 Steps

Ok, so I will admit… up until yesterday I wasn’t too ‘gung-ho’ on the whole fitbit/fitness tracking thing that seems to be all the rage right now, especially among those who are striving to get healthier and maybe even lose weight.
The fitbit Flex Tracker is a wristband, it retails for $99.99 and can be won for even less if you can win it on
The rubber wristband comes in a variety of colors, blue, teal, pink, orange, black, slate, red! Plus, if you get bored of a color you can buy more bands and change out the tracker.
I gave in and bought one a few days ago. I started using it yesterday and my goal is to meet 10,000 steps each day. This morning I headed to a local nature center at 7 am, by 9 I hit my goal of 10k steps and 4 miles just from doing an activity I love, hiking. If you think eh, I don’t need a tracker or to see how many steps I take, maybe you don’t, I didn’t think I did either. So far it’s helping take time to make fitness a daily priority. It’s exciting that when you make your set goal the wristband’s lights on the indicator all light up and the band vibrates to tell you you made it! So my goal is to lose some weight and get in better athletic shape. Thanks to this device telling me what I already knew (that I need to take a break and get away from my desk) I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to do it.
What else is cool about the FitBit app for Android or iPhone, is that it will track your sleep, tell you how many approximate calories you have burned and lets you input food and water intake. Plus, if you increase your water you most definitely need to walk away from your desk more often!
Here’s the activity I was able to get in today just by 9 a.m.! Thank you fitbit!
fitbit progress
fitbit offers a variety of different trackers ranging from the Flex wristband, the Zip clip tracker, Aria body weight scale and others. DealDash offers auctions for all of these fitbit products! Check out the previous auctions & fitbit deals.