Independence Day Deals and Auctions on DealDash!

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Independence Day is Friday, July 4th! In honor of this very fun and momentous event with much historical significance, DealDash is running some very special items and a bid pack sale! Bids are discounted to $0.17 a piece for this great holiday! That’s not all, all auction wins are free! Meaning the final end price will be waived by DealDash and all you will pay for are the bids that you spend to win.
Independence Day commemorates the Declaration of Independence adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from Great Britain. Now Independence Day is celebrated with much fan fair and festivities. Family fun, picnics, fireworks, parades, carnivals, baseball games, fairs, carnivals, political ceremonies and more!
Check out these great 4th of July items and this wonderful party plan for your 4th of July Party.
Win these items over the 4th of July weekend and enjoy them for the remainder of the summer. Can’t beat $0.17 bids and free end prices!

Intex 10-Foot x 30-Inch Metal Frame Swimming Pool

The last Intex 10′ x 30″ above ground outdoor swimming pool sold for only $0.69 – with a buy it now price and retail value of $97 you really can’t beat a new swimming pool for just a few bids – figure if these bids are only $0.17 a piece all bidders would have contributed to an income of  199.41 in bids (if all bids were that cost and not cheaper or free ( contests/bid pack wins) so DealDash for an item worth $97! Whether the winner spent less than half of those bids they still wouldn’t have spent more than $6 to win the new swimming pool.


Trademark Games Complete Croquet Set with Carrying Case

Trademark Games Complete Croquet Set with Carrying Case

 Nothing is quite as fun, well aside from eating, than playing an old fashioned game of croquet in the yard with your family or friends on the 4th of July! Valued at $64 this croquet set is a great deal if you win it on Dealdash for just under $11 like winner tcdc5649.

Hanover Ventura Series Luxury Recliner Chair

Enjoy the summer in luxury and comfort. Sit outside,  get a nice refreshing drink,  sit back and enjoy a good book on this Hanover Venture Luxury Outdoor Recliner. See the upcoming auction for this or bid on a future one at DealDash. Buy it now price is $400. Perfect gift for a parent or grandparent too!
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Practical 4th of July party necessities include these Great Value 100 Party Cups – grip cups these party cups could be shipped to your door for your next summer party, BBQ or get together, or just because you want to wash less dishes. Bid on these Great Value cups or buy them and see how long it takes to receive your item from DealDash for just $13!party cups
What  are you doing this Fourth of July weekend?