3 Amazing Deals for Under $1 on DealDash

Did you know that you could win great deals on DealDash with just a few bids? Bids usually cost $0.60, or less if there’s a bid pack sale.
Many items today have ended for under $1. $1 = 100 bids collectively placed in an auction by all bidders.
Today items that are valued at more than $100 sold for under $1.
For instance, this OrGREENic 10-Piece Porcelain Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set valued at $191 sold for $0.84 – 84 bids by all bidders placed. This is a great cookware set, it’s porcelain and eco-friendly. Critics of aluminum and Teflon coated pots and pans recommend using stainless steel and porcelain cookware.

Another equally great kitchenware item would be this Magisso Naturally Cooling Ceramic Carafe that naturally keeps drinks cold and retains cold thanks to the specially formulated ceramic material.Offered for a buy it now price of $60 on DealDash it sold today to a bidder for $0.01, this bidder only placed 1 bid. Read more about award-winning Finnish serveware company Magisso and more items sold on DealDash.


And the 3rd amazing deal today for an exceptional kitchenware item would be this auction for the Tonfisk Shadow Water & Wine Carafe that holds 50 fl oz of water or your favorite wine or non-alcoholic beverage sold for just $0.87 – 87 bids were placed by all participants in this auction and the buy it now price for this gorgeous glassware serveware piece is $95. Tonfisk is another great Finnish design company that was established to produce unique objects for every day life after the highest form of Scandinavian design. Plus, it gets even better. The winner of this item won not won, but 2 of these carafes in this bonus buy 1 get 1 auction! The design began as a graduation work cooperation between Finnish Niko Rantanen (born 1983) and Tonfisk Design for the Turku University of Applied Sciences. 


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