Double the Fun DealDash Now Offering Win 1 Get 1 Free Deals!

DealDash just started offering win 1 get 1 free auctions! When you win a win 1 get 1 free item you will get 2 of the items you are bidding on. Not all items are win 1 get 1 free deals, a few are and these are indicated by the Win 1 Get 1 Free red banner and a 2x in a circle.
If you win a Beddit Sleep Tracker and Wellness coach item you will get two items! Great if you have a spouse, loved one, or friend that would like to track their sleep with you. Another item is the Nooka 360 SV Silver Watch – win 1 get another free. Pretty awesome! Now bidding and winning on DealDash can be 2x as fun when you win 2x the item you want. 

dealdash win1Another great example of a new item on DealDash that you will get 2 of if you win is this beautiful Scandinavian designed Tonfisk Warm 20 fl oz. teapot / coffee pot. The teapot/coffee pot is valued at $110 but if you win one you will get two! Perfect to share with a friend!tonfisk
Why bid and win Tonfisk items? Tonfisk is a modern, functional Finnish/Scandinavian design company. Read more about this Tonfisk WARM 20 fl oz Teapot / Coffee Pot – Black & Walnut
A modern functional Finnish Scandinavian Nordic design classic.
As the teapot is lifted and poured like a bottle the teapot is more comfortable to use than traditional “handled” teapots. Also no coasters are required as the modern design of teapot means its stands on the wood bracelet. The teapot doesn’t dribble when poured. Fits 2-3 cups. Comes equipped with self standing tea strainer / teaball. To use, twist the cap off, place in the tea leaves to be brewed. Replace the cap and hang with the hook from the lip of the opening. Perfect for tea enthusiasts and tea lovers who wish to brew the perfect cup of tea. Buy the teapot now straight from Tonfisk Design! Production quality.  Great for coffee as well, just remove the tea strainer and the pot is good to go!

  • Diameter 3.7 inches. Height 7.9 inches.
  • Porcelain
  • Walnut veneer sleave
  • Stainless steel strainer
  • Black & Walnut

This 2x promotion does not apply to buy it now offers.
Bid to win on DealDash and bid to win 2x the item you want!