Serve Your Guests In Style with Tonfisk! Win 1 Get 1 Free!

Serve your guests in style when you entertain this summer with Tonfisk!
Tonfisk is an amazing Finnish design group that offers unique, functional serveware. This Reuna 15.7″ wooden serving tray by Tonfisk is a great way to serve up classy drinks and delicious snacks, crisps bread and other dry foods.. This would also make a great hostess or wedding gift.  The wood is treated with flax oil and it is recommended that more oil be applied on a regular basis to maintain the wood. Apply the oil, let it seep in for the specified time and then wipe away excess and your gorgeous serving bowl will be like new.  Diameter 15.7 inches, Height 1.6 inches Laminated Walnut Wood walnut. What’s even better about bidding on DealDash to save money on this $95 serving tray on DealDash, if you bid and win you will win not just one, but two serving trays! Keep one, gift one!Wooden serving tonfisk
Tofisk items make for great summer wedding gift ideas!
Next time you have your friends or family over for coffee or a tea party, be sure to wow them by serving them in this gorgeous Tonfisk WARM 13.5 fl oz Latte Cup i – White & Walnut.
What’s really great about the design of this mug is that you don’t have to keep filling it up, it keeps drinks warm!  The wood part is very durable and with time more oil can be applied to its surface.  Diameter 3.94 inches, Height 3.94 inches Porcelain, walnut veneer sleeve White, walnut. Buy it now on DealDash for $40 or bid on one and get two of these fabulous latte/tea cups!

latte cup
Next time you want to serve wine or ice cold lemon water be sure you have a Tonfisk Shadow Water & Wine Carafe on hand! This carafe comes with a cleverly designed coaster that is integrated into the shape of rht carage. It was desined Tonfisk SHADOW Water & Wine Carafe 50 fl oz – Clear SHADOW is water & wine carafe where the coaster has been cleverly integrated into the design by shaping it as the shadow of the carafe to create a simple attention grabbing Scandinavian classic. The coaster provides a useful surface on which to place the carafe. One side of the coaster is a stained wood finish while the edges and other side are painted black. This allows the coaster to be used either way and the shadow to stand out on any finish or color of table. The carafe is made of glass in the beautiful shape of a drop and stands at an angle on the coaster.  water
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