Stay Hydrated in Style With Tonfisk

DealDash loves bringing you the most innovative new house items like the Tonfisk SHADOW water and wine Carafe.

When you choose Tonfisk you know you’re choosing something special. The Clear carafe sits on a wooden base and is only held up by its own balance. The coaster has been integrated into the design by shaping it to fit the water carafe perfectly. It’s a great center piece that is sure to grab the attention of guests.
A wonderful conversation starter is always nice and the Tonfisk SHADOW is perfect for that. It’s a Scandinavian classic with a twist and is perfect for any beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. On one side of the coaster is a beautifully, natural stained, wooden finish. On the other side is the same except with black painted edges.
Thanks to the differentiating colors, you can flip the Tonfisk and match it to nearly any table so it truly becomes a shadow and is next to invisible. The carafe itself is made of glass and is in the shape of an elegant tear drop. The carafe sits at an angle and rests perfectly on the bottom of the coaster. The design was created by a college student of Finnish origins.
It’s a beautiful, artistically, inspired piece that is sure to grab attention of any and all guests. The Tonfisk SHADOW water and wine carafe holds an amazing 50.07 oz of water and is a great addition for any modern home. Having unique, household items like this around the house is a great way to truly express ourselves.
Friends and family will love the design and you’ll surely use your carafe every chance you get. It even works great for allowing wine to breath while you tell your friends about its Scandinavian design. Every now and then, something is designed that is beautiful, luxurious and elegant as well as adds character to your home. The Tonfisk SHADOW is one of those pieces that everyone is sure to love and respect. To get one at an auction, head over to the DealDash website and place a bid. You never know how many people will be bidding so it’s a good idea to keep your eyes glued to your item in the closing minutes. And remember that DealDash always has a 100% money back guarantee.