50% End of Summer Sale!

These are the dog days of summer, it’s sooo hot, and we are all wondering when we will have some relief! The kids are back at school, so “now” would be a very good time!.  When you are thinking about getting out sweaters and jackets it’s a great time to find exceptional bargains at DealDash.
Here are a few tips for bidding during this special event. First, select a few items you need or want to give as gifts, keep a list nearby.  Be sure the item is affordable for you to purchase if you don’t win it.  Keep in mind, purchasing any item you bid on at DealDash will return your bids used back into your account, and for that reason, overbidding is not practical.
Check the recent winners list to get an idea what a typical closing price for your items and keep current by checking it often. Be conservative with your bids, set a limit of what you are willing to spend to win the item and stick to it.  To figure out how many bids to BIN at (Buy it Now), take the DealDash listed retail price and divide it by the cost of bids.  For example if your item is valued at 65 dollars and bids are .17 cents, 65.00/.17 = 382 bids. So, 382 bids is your Buy it Now limit.  If you set goals for yourself you will be more successful at winning.  Carefully watch the auction and use your Bid Buddy to bid for you. Start in the auction early so you can see who your competition is.  By watching who gets into the auction you will be able to determine if staying is going to benefit you.  Occasionally, you will be able to win with just a few bids so be patient.  If you don’t win the item now, there will be another one later.
There is Free Shipping on every item,  so whether you WIN or BIN you will be getting a fantastic deal.
DealDash is a fun and exciting alternative to just plain shopping!
Written by Donna M., DealDash customer since 2014.