3 Tips for Bidding on DealDash!

1. Bid using the bid buddy!
If you think you don’t have time to spend bidding on an auction, but want to try to win it all you have to do is use DealDash’s “bid buddy.” Bid buddy will let you place bids on items when you aren’t even at your computer if you wish. You can specify the amount of bids that you want the bid buddy to place for you as well as the maximum bid price you would like to bid until, set it then forget it! It’s super easy to use and only takes a minute.
Here’s where you can find bid buddy on each of DealDash’s auctions:
From the homepage click on an item you want to bid on –> look under the bidding timer, under the bid now button- where it says BidBuddy – Your Automatic Bidding Tool – specify the number of bids you would like to place in the “Add bids here” box. Then click “book a bid buddy.” it will use your bids to bid for you within the last seconds of an auction. It will not let you place more bids than you have in your account and it will stop once it has used all of the bids specified. You can stop and reload your bid buddy at any time.
bid now dealdash
2. Bid before the “No Jumper” lock has been activated
Once an item reaches $5.00 – 500 bids have been placed the auction is locked out to new bidders who didn’t place one of those 500 bids. The good thing about this it lessens competition.
3. Bid to buy, or buy it now!
When you decide to bid on an auction either decide to go “all in” and bid until you win (which could take quite some time, so pace yourself)! Or you could just bid until you spend retail and if you don’t win use buy it now and get all of those bids back. Then you will have a bank of bids to use in a future auction!spruce treeFor instance, this Color Switch Plus 7.5 foot color switch spruce Christmas tree is valued at $326 – that’s the buy it now price. You can bid and hope to win it for less, or just buy it if you really want to be able to decorate this tree (next Christmas!).
What did you bid on at DealDash this year for Christmas? Do you bid with bid buddy or use buy it now?