What Experienced Shoppers Know

Children can learn a lot from their parents and teachers. Young employees can learn a lot from their bosses, and new DealDash.com shoppers can learn a lot from experienced DealDash shoppers.

I believe I qualify as an experienced DealDash shopper. After all, I have been shopping on DealDash since Feb. 8, 2012. Therefore, I decided to write this blog about what experienced shoppers know that we could share with new DealDash shoppers.

Read Before you Shop

I know it’s a good idea to read and learn about some “Tips and Tricks” before you begin to shop. Why? It appears to be easy enough to just jump right in and start bidding away, but that’s just it. You might throw all of your bids away without winning anything simply because you might be making mistakes that could be avoided if you have enough patience to read how to play first. You can read about is Deal Dash legit from real customer experiences.

Develop a Winning Strategy

I know that it’s a good idea to develop a winning strategy. I have written plenty of blogs about various strategies DealDash shoppers use. In addition to this blog, you can read about secret strategies to win in online auctions in their blog.

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Using DealDash Tools

DealDash.com provides plenty of tools to help us in our shopping endeavors. All we have to do is become familiar with what they are and learn how to use them.

In this blog I will explore some of these tools that are available and explain how they can provide a happy shopping experience.

Customer Support

Yes, customer support is a tool that we can use, and it might be the most important one. Perhaps the best thing about DealDash is its superb customer support. DealDash always has and still does make it a top priority.

Some companies actually hide their contact emails or phone numbers and make it extremely difficult to contact them, and that’s really frustrating. However, DealDash does not do that. In fact, DealDash makes it extremely easy to get in touch with a real, live customer service representative.

If we scroll down to the bottom of the Home Page, we will see a big yellow button that says “Contact Support.” If we click that button, a window opens up for us to fill in the subject, our email address, name, username and description of why we want to contact them. This is not the only place we can find this contact information window. If we click on “My Dashboard” at the top right of the Home Page, we will see a list on the left. If we scroll down to the bottom of that list we will see “contact support” again, and if we click on it the same window will appear.

The really awesome thing about this is the speed at which we receive a response. This “contact window” must be monitored really often because it never takes long before a DealDash customer representative responds. In fact, they are always happy to respond and answer any questions we may have.

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Meet “BidBuddy”

It never ceases to amaze me to see that many DealDash.com shoppers have not yet met BidBuddy and some apparently never do. In fact, it takes some shoppers a long time before they finally discover that BidBuddy is even there … just waiting to give everyone a helping hand.

Friend in Hiding

Did you know that BidBuddy is the best friend DealDash shoppers have ever had?  If you have not met BidBuddy maybe it is because you might say that BidBuddy is in hiding but is still fairly easy to find. Yet it could take new DealDash shoppers hours, days, weeks, months or even longer before they finally meet BidBuddy. 

If you only shop from the Home Page, forget it. That’s not where BidBuddy hangs out. Experienced shoppers always know when you are only shopping from the Home Page. Do you know how we can tell? That’s easy because the rest of us shoppers will cringe when we see you wasting your bids. That’s right. For every one bid we place, new shoppers might be placing five or six bids after every other player. It might appear there are only a few other shopping competing in the auction when, in reality, there are several more. Yikes!

We have all heard the saying, “live and learn.” Well this is probably one of those experiences. Let me explain. First of all, who or what is BidBuddy

BidBuddy is an automated bidding tool that all experienced Deal Dashers use. To find BidBuddy, shoppers must double click on the auction we are placing bids in. A new window will pop open and that’s where BidBuddy is in hiding. All experienced shoppers love BidBuddy and it is very difficult to win an auction without using it.

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Bid Pack Misconceptions

To bid or not to bid on bid packs? That is the question!

I decided to write this DealDash.com blog about some “misconceptions” shoppers might have about bid packs, but first I will attempt to answer some questions about some advantageous reasons shoppers place bids on bid packs in the first place.

Why or Why Not Bid on Bid Packs

DealDash shoppers bid on bid packs to greatly enhance bidding power to win some high-dollar auction products. If we win a bid pack, instead of paying a sale price of 11 or 12 cents per bid or more, we might end up paying a lot less. Of course, that all depends on the size of the bid pack and how many bids we use to win them. But we might end up paying as little as only one or two cents per bid.

Some years ago when I was going through a string of losses while bidding on bid packs, I remember asking myself, “Why am I wasting the bids that I already have to bid on more bids that I may or may not win?” After all, bids are just bids. We cannot wear bids and we cannot eat bids and even if we win we only end up with more bids.  Therefore, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to only use my bids to shop for products I could actually use?

With that kind of thinking, I stopped bidding on bid packs for a long time. I decided it was a waste of bids to bid on bid packs … but was it? Read below.

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