10 Things You Need to Know About DealDash

2006687207_f689036fe1_z1. DealDash was founded over 5 years ago by an award-winning entrepreneur, William Wolfram. William is creative and innovative and has built a team of people who have the same vision and passion for delivering great deals.
2. DealDash is a unique and creative way to have fun and save money while shopping online.
3. All of the items on DealDash are brand new and backed with a manufacturer’s warranty.
4. All merchandise on DealDash from pedal boats to gift cards, Omaha Steaks, new coffee tables, office chairs and couches, to new laptops, cellphones, and so much more, are shipped free of charge!
5. DealDash bid are cheaper than any other site providing a similar bid-for-deals platform. Bids start out at $0.60 with an initial bid pack and are often much less. Right now there’s a promotion running with bids as low as $0.14 each. The lowest in the industry.
6. DealDash doesn’t just let you walk away empty handed. Don’t win? And sometimes you really won’t win, that’s the nature of entertainment shopping, you can get all of your bids back if you just purchase the item at retail. Plus, it’s a fun way to spend some time if you enjoy bidding! DealDash’s buy-it-now is innovative and a great way to shop. You could win, but if you don’t win at least you can buy it now.
7. You won’t see the same items all the time. DealDash offers thousands of items and fulfills orders directly from trusted retailers such as Walmart.
8. Money-Back Guarantee if you don’t win with your first bid pack purchase.
9. Audited by Ernst & Young and maintains a “fair-auction guarantee.” dealdash guarantee
DealDash guarantees that all bids made are 100% legitimate and that strict third-party audits are performed on the bidding platform to ensure and maintain complete integrity of the auctions. Employees and immediate family members of employees are not permitted to participate in any auctions run by DealDash.
10. Bidding and winning is super fun!
What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free bidding account on DealDash today and let us know what you think!