You’ve Tried Them All… And Then There Was DealDash!

So you’ve tried every auction site out there, I have too.  None of them compare to DealDash.  DD is the ONLY site that gives you a full refund of all your bids if you don’t win.  There are so many reasons to love DealDash, I could write a book….oh, I am writing a book, kinda’ it’s a blog.  HAHA!
Let’s face it, going to the penny auction sites it a risky adventure.  That’s not a bad thing.  I am always looking for something exciting in my life and for me, it’s DealDash!  I think you like it too or you wouldn’t be here reading my blog. 
I have a lot to say about this auction site.   It’s the fairest and best site out there.  I have tried them all, (about a dozen) I’ve spent a small fortune trying to win high end technology at other sites…I have never won a single item at any other site that I can brag about…now, there is DealDash, I have won a laptop, a couple of televisions, a couple of bicycles several artsy items over 1000 dollars, the list goes on.  I do spend money on bids, but I am rewarded for it, for every bid I place, DD gives me free bids back, I can’t even tell you how many free bids I have gotten that way, but it’s in the thousands.  I am at level 42, it gives 630 free bids.  My next level will reward me with 640 bids, who does that!? no on except DealDash. 
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If you have been poking around on all the penny auction sites and you stumbled on DealDash, you had fun, you saw the fireworks and you want more. Maybe you won, maybe you didn’t, but one fact remains, you did not leave empty handed, you never will at DealDash. 
I have found at the other sites, if I win, it’s not something I want or needed, and suddenly I’m stuck with this merchandise I don’t really want.  That’s no fun. At DealDash you can exchange your prize for bids, so let’s say you won something, then suddenly you scratched your head and said, “what was I thinking?” well, at DealDash you can exchange the item for bids and go out to win something else.  So you had some fun, you won, you want something else, trade in your bids and off you go!
No other site I have found has bid prices as fair as DD, yes, there are a couple others out there with lower priced bids, but you need to use three times more to win ,so you are waiting 4 days to win something you can win on DD in 2 days. 
Trust me, I have had my fill of the other sites, but none compare to DealDash, they are a fair and honest site, they reward the players with every bid, their retail prices are real and not inflated.  You can get  great deal at DealDash. 
And, if winning a lot isn’t enough, the Customer Service is far above and beyond my expectations, even after a couple of meltdowns, they have been so kind.  I can’t say enough about how professional the team at DealDash is. 
Maybe you ask yourself, “I wonder what her melt downs were?” I will tell you, I was a newbie, I didn’t use BidBuddy, I over bid, I had high expectations, I was rude….I have mellowed, I am a good player, I don’t jump late, I don’t stomp and I feel good about all that.  Maybe you do jump and stomp, but I believe the bidding karma will get you, so just don’t do it. 
Thank you for reading my blog, I hope this helps you decide which site is best for your bidding style.  DealDash really is AWESOME!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.