Christmas Day at DealDash!

This Christmas Day at DealDash there is a Featured Sale and you will be counting your lucky stars!  All the Christmas presents are open, the kids are occupied with their new toys, Grandpa is asleep on the couch, it’s time to DealDash!
On Friday December 25, we will all enjoy .12 cent bids, Free Wins, a 3X Multiplier for free bids AND 50 auctions start at 3PM.  This makes for a very Merry Christmas! The 50 prizes at once is so exciting! The first few seconds are hysterical, everyone is bidding frantically to win that one item.  I have noticed that when all the auctions start at once and everyone is bidding the first few auctions end are around .40 cents.
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Use the 3X Free Bids to your advantage, to stockpile bids! This is a good time to go for a big prize.  Most DealDashers will be with the family, especially very early Christmas morning, that will be the best time to load up bids on your favorite items and win! I will get up long before everyone else, place my bids and go about my morning.  When I come back I’ll hope to see some fireworks on my computer screen.  Just make sure you put more than enough bids on that one item incase you can’t make it back.
Of course knowing the competition is very helpful, but if you are going to walk away from the computer, it won’t matter very much.  You are going to just let it ride and enjoy the 3X free bids from DealDash.
DealDash has been very busy lately, all the new features on the web site making the playing experience more pleasant and the amazing amount of new items have driven many to play. That, and players tried other penny auction sites and now they are back because DealDash is the most fun easiest to win auction site.
If you haven’t been to DealDash lately, it’s time to give it a try again.  Christmas Day is a great day to win the big one.
“Good Luck and Happy Bidding”
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.