State Bid Packs

Have you noticed the new state bid packs on

We do not have to reside in the featured state to qualify to bid on a special state bid pack. However, each customer is allowed to win only one of each bid pack auction. I like that limit because then more customers have an opportunity to win.

I also like the featured state bid packs because each one provides interesting information about the state that I might not know. I enjoy reading and learning about the states because it takes shopping on DealDash above and beyond the usual experience. Whenever a shopping site does that, it enhances the overall shopping experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the featured state bid packs so far:

  • Colorado: Featured bid packs for Colorado include 300 bids, 1,869 bids and 2,776 bids. One interesting fact DealDash listed about this state is that Colorado Springs has more sunny days than any other place in the country.
  • West Virginia: Featured bid packs for West Virginia include 178 bids, 900 bids and 1,700 bids. One interesting fact DealDash listed about West Virginia is that it has the longest steel arch bridge in the world, with a length of 1,700 feet.
  • Florida: Featured bid packs for Florida include 245 bids, 700 bids and 1,300 bids. One interesting fact DealDash listed about Florida is that it has more beach area than any other state with a total of 1,300 miles of coastline.

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