Win Gift Cards and Save Money Dining Out With DealDash!

DealDash is an entertainment shopping auction site that offers you a great opportunity to save money on great gift cards to top franchise restaurants across the US!
Recent ended auctions for restaurant gift cards on DealDash include a $25 gift card to Red Robin restaurants + 25 free bids for $0.64, a $10 Red Robin gift card sold for $0.03. $10 Outback Steakhouse gift card sold for just $0.08- that’s 8 bids! A $50 Darden Restaurants gift card sold for $3.58! DealDash also offers great deals on TGI Friday’s Gift Cards, iHop gift cards, fast food gift cards to restaurants like Pizza Hut, Arby’s, McDonald’s and more!
How do you bid on DealDash?
DealDash is an auction site where you pay for a chance to win items including these great restaurant gift cards! To bid and win gift cards all you have to do is first buy bids. Bids come in bid packs and cost $0.60 each. Catch a deal on a bid pack when DealDash offers a sale and save even more money on restaurant gift cards.
Tips for winning more on DealDash for less money? Use Bid Buddy! Bid Buddy lets you set your bids in an auction and it bids for you up until the specified amount of bids and dollar amount in the auction that you would like to bid until. Set it and forget it! Or set it and watch it, adding more bids and pausing as you go. If you bid on a gift card auction and you don’t win it, you can buy it now for the gift card amount and then get all of your bids back into your bidding account to try and win another item later.  Bid and have fun! But be sure to bid before it’s too late. Always bid before 2 seconds and definitely before the auction is locked out to all new bidders, once it receives up to $5.00 in bids from all bidders the auction becomes “locked” to “jumpers” – late bidders.
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