Let DealDash Help Get You in Shape

Watching your weight is important to a healthy life. Every home that cares about fitness or healthy should have a good scale. You can pick up a Jarden Home Bath Scale at DealDash at an excellent price. To win bids you’ll want to be active and get there early, people love to compete and to win a competitive edge is needed. And if you want to stay in shape, a good scale is needed.
Jarden Home Bath Scale

The Jarden Home Bath Scale

Known as the Health O Meter Black Digital Lithium Scale accurately measures weight up to 400 pounds in seconds. The digital scale displays weight at .2 lb increments making it incredibly accurate.
The digital bathroom scale has a stylish platform and an easy to read 1.5 backlit display. There is an auto tracking system that easily saves up to 5 different weights for comparison down the road. The feature is available for 4 users that can each save up to five different weights, talk about convenience. It’s a large scale that is easy to stand on and supports up to 400 pounds. The Jarden Home Bath Scale is highly accurate and comes with an awesome 5 year warranty.

Jarden Home Bath Scale Product Features:

  • Extra-large scale design
  • 5” royal blue backlit display
  • Auto tracking for 4 users with 5 memories per user – compares current weight with the previous weights from a week, month and 3 months prior
  • The black lithium scale accurately measures up to 400 pounds in .2 pounds increments
  • There is a 4 cell technology that ensures accuracy and repeatability
  • The lithium scale includes 2 AA batteries
  • A solid 5-year warranty

Basically when you get this scale you’re set. The Jarden Home Bath Scale is one of the best pieces of equipment for any home and is sure to help you get the physical results you so desperately desire. There isn’t a better way to take your life to the next level than to get in the best shape possible.
Jarden Home Bath Scale
You can find one of these high-quality scales at DealDash.com and for an excellent price. The secret to winning one the Jarden Home Bath Scale at auction on the site is to stay vigilant in your bidding. Your competitive edge will help you beat the odds and guarantee you the best success possible on the DealDash website. And along with the 5-year warranty you can count on a 100% money back guarantee from DealDash.