Shopping on DealDash vs. In Stores

By Barbara

Christmas is quickly approaching and it’s time to shop for special gifts for loved ones, family members and friends. Some people will shop online and some people will shop in the malls in the local communities.

It appears that for the first time during the holiday season, total sales online might have surpassed total sales in stores.

I do not know why some people prefer to shop in stores, but I do know why many people prefer to shop on Some reasons we might choose DealDash over shopping in stores are:

  • We can do our shopping at any time of day or night.
  • We do not have to deal with parking hassles or standing in long lines.
  • We save money for gas.
  • We can enjoy the convenience of having our items delivered, postage free, right to our front door.
  • We can save time by multi-tasking. We can place bids in the automated bidder, BidBuddy, while we decorate our Christmas trees, wrap gifts or write Christmas cards.
  • We can increase our chances of staying well during the flu season by avoiding crowds as much as possible.
  • We could win expensive products for just a fraction of the full retail value.

Perhaps when it comes to buying clothing, going to stores to try on the items for a good fit might be a better option. When it comes to shopping for high-quality products on DealDash, however, that is not a problem. Accurate descriptions of the products are always provided for us to know exactly what we’re getting.


Sponsored blog post submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers                                                         

Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.