Where Ever You Go, Try DealDash First

More and more lately, I have been able to find every thing I ever need for a gift or for myself at DealDash.  When I first started playing, I didn’t care what I won.  Then, I started shopping, I only bid on items I really wanted, but I often overbid.  I have found that you don’t need to overbid to win at DealDash.

It’s so easy to win an item for less than $5, and this is how you do it.  If the auction doesn’t close by $5, back out, you didn’t get the deal you wanted.  That’s fun!  Now, go shop for another item.  The exception here is the Buy It Now option.  Let’s say you get heavily involved in an auction and you used hundreds of bids. You start to believe it would be better to buy it.   That’s a great idea!  DealDash will give you your bids used back if you buy an item.  So if you find yourself in the “I must win” frame of mind, rack up your BIN amount of bids and then buy it if you don’t win.

You can figure the Buy It Now number of bids by dividing the retail cost of the item, by the cost of bids that day.  For example, if you want to go for a $120 item and bids are .15 cents, this is your calculation. 120./.15=800.  So, you do not want to use more than 800 bids on the item.  You can buy the item at any time, so even if you get to 500 bids and you feel like you may not win, go ahead and buy it and you’ll be back in the game for a different item.  Tip: If an item is on the market and another one comes on the market, the second one often sells for less.

I don’t even go to any Malls at all anymore, I never liked them and now I have DealDash.  I can get every thing I need there in terms of gifts for sure.  I am already almost done with my Christmas shopping and it’s only September!  You will want to try DealDash before you go to the mall, save the money for gas, save the time on the road, save the hassle of traffic, and get on-line and shop at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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