High Tea, Low Prices at DealDash

Any way you like your tea, you’ll find it at DealDash, they have a nice variety of tea making pots and tea makers.  You can have it your way! They have iced tea makers, hot tea pots, kettles and the Kureig System plus K-cups.

The beauty of all of these choices is they all retail under $200 and at DealDash that means amazing savings!  Everyone needs a tea pot, so it wouldn’t take long to win one for every person you know.  Really!
Tea pots and coffee making pots are a very easy win at DealDash.  I have won a couple of coffee pots and kettles and I just keep them in my “present closet” when I need a gift, I go shopping right in my own home.
It’s funny, but at DealDash sometimes you don’t even know you want or need something until you try to win it.  Then suddenly, you are sure you want it or need it, and if you don’t someone you know does!  It’s really fun to win a quick item with just a few bids.  Tea accessories should be an easy win too, in fact a great way to get these items free is to use your free bids you earned at DealDash and win it during a “free sale” and voila`, you just won in for free!
The easiest way to earn free bids at DealDash is by bidding.  For every second you are high bidder you earn free bids.  DealDash rewards every player for every bid they place.  The free bids meter is located on the main auction page and you can see it tick up time, the longer you have been bidding, the more you earn!
Another easy way to earn free bids at DealDash is by going to the DealDash Facebook page and “like” DD, and once you do, you can post any of your wins at (except bid packs) and receive free bids for your comments.  I have won so many items with these bids which is up to 350 a week! This Medelco, Inc. 3-qt. Whistling Tea Dettle Retails for $18, so to BIN (Buy It Now for bids back) this item you would not exceed 120 bids, figured like this.  The cost of the item divided by the current price of bids. on average .15 cents, which equals you max bids to BIN.  18.00/.15=120 bids.  But this item being an $18 item you would use much less to win it if you play smart. Don’t stomp other’s you’ll lose free bids. Just stay steady for 120 bids and watch the win prevail!! If you don’t win it by 120 bids, jump out, buy it and get your 120 bids back, then you have the tea pot and the bids.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!