When it Only Takes One Bid on DealDash

New shoppers on DealDash.com often want to know, “How many bids does it take to win?”

Surprisingly, an honest answer might be, “It only takes one!”

Some DealDash shoppers win amazing bargains every day by using only one bid. We just have to be in the right auction at the right time. In fact, I counted 12 winners in just the last 24-hours who won auctions using only one bid. Here are a few:

  • A 600-Bid Pack sold for seven cents and the winner only used one bid and paid a total of 23 cents instead of $360.00.
  • A Sheet & Duvet Cover Set, King size, sold for two cents and the winner used only one bid and paid a total of 21 cents instead of $340.00.
  • A $50 Gift Card sold for 4 cents and the winner only used one bid and paid a total of 22 cents instead of $50.00.

These are all outstanding deals. Who would think anyone could win a 600 Bid Pack using only one bid? That really surprised me.

High-dollar Deals

What surprised me even more are some high-dollar auctions that sell at an extremely low cost. For example, today a $1,200 Plush Rug sold for 47 cents. The winner used five bids and got the rug for only $1.23 instead of the retail price of $1,200.00.

This proves that even with the large number of shoppers on DealDash, there are still bargains smart shoppers win every day.




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