It’s Not Too Late At DealDash!

So you are not done with your Christmas Shopping? Well, it isn’t too late to place some bids for great gifts at DealDash!  DealDash has a guaranteed delivery by Christmas of many products during their “Order now & Get it by Christmas – Pay for your item today, get it by Christmas” Sale.
You have looked everywhere for the right gift and with no luck, you finally turn to DealDash.  This is the most fun you will have Christmas Shopping all season.  DD has the right items and the right retail prices.  Keep in mind this simple formula while you are bidding for Christmas gift.
First, go for a gift you can afford, don’t try to win the “big prize” and let yourself get disappointed if you lose.  When you bid on an item in your budget, for example, say on a $35.00 item, simply divide the price of the item by the price of bids.  35.00/14 = 250 bids.  Place the 250 bids on the item, and don’t place any more.  Once you win, you take your win and your left over bids and try for another item. BUT, if you don’t win, you’ve spent only what the item is valued at, but you have no item.  Now, purchase the item at full retail and you will get all your bids back.
This strategy is essential to your continuing to play.  You now have your item because you bought it and you have those same 250 bids to go for the next item.  This is not the time to be parlaying your bids for exchange, this is the time to stay focused on the prize.  Bid on only items you actually want.  Don’t go for bid pack now either, just buy the bids and stay focused.
This sale at Deal Dash is phenomenal! For the next five days at DealDash you will earn free bids with a multiplier.  During this period DD will give you even more free bids for every bid you bid giving you even more bidding power.   Starting December 15, 2015 your item is guaranteed delivery plus you get an extra gift from DealDash…lot’s of free bids!
Don’t fret over going to the mall when you can shop at Deal Dash right in your own home, have fun doing it and earn free bids for a gift for yourself!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!