Tips to Understand DealDash Lingo


DealDash has its own lingo that can be a little confusing when you first start out. Let DealDash translate for you.

“What is DealDash, and how does it work?” are among the most common questions that we hear around the DealDash Tips blog. Well, they are easy to answer, and DealDash Tips blog is always willing to help and explain things to newbie DealDashers. DealDash is a fun internet auction site where bidders purchase bids and use them on auctions to win items. If the person doesn’t win the item then they can buy it at the retail price that’s listed on the auction’s page and receive all of their bids back.

DealDash also has its own little lingo that you’ll need to take a quick lesson on before you get started. Don’t worry, there’s nothing too confusing, and you can always come back here to the blog to get clarification by submitting a comment down at the bottom asking for help. Now, on to your lingo lesson.

Winner’s List

The Winner’s List is a very important tab located at the top of your auction home screen. The reason that the Winner’s List is important is by looking at it, you can see if people are getting great deals at that particular moment or not. There are certain days and times where it seems like there are very few awesome deals to be had. Then, there are other days and times where it seems that DealDash is just giving everything away. Do yourself a favor and check out the Winner’s Tab before you start bidding at any given time.

BIN/Buy It Now

As I mentioned above, DealDash offers a “Buy It Now” or “BIN” option on every single auction. BIN means that you have placed bids in a DealDash auction and didn’t win, but you may purchase the item for retail value and receive all of your bids back. BIN is a very common DealDash word, and you will hear and see it around the site very frequently. DealDash is the only pay-to-bid sites that offer a BIN guarantee. The BIN guarantee is an awesome gift from DealDash. In fact, DealDash was actually started by a person who played on one of those “other” auction sites and lost his money with nothing to show for it.


The BidBuddy is your friend that you will get to know very well as a DealDash bidder. The BidBuddy is DealDash’s automated bidding tool. The BidBuddy is something that you will (or should!) use every time that you bid.The BidBuddy is available on every auction, to every bidder. You can use the BidBuddy for free and book as many BidBuddies as you would like.

The BidBuddy is the way to win auctions on DealDash. The BidBuddy will place bids for you in the last 2-3 seconds of an auction. All active BidBuddies in an auction will alternate bidding until there is only one player left in the auction. You can place any amount of bids in your BidBuddy and adjust the number or cancel it whenever you like. Almost all auctions are won with the BidBuddy.

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