DealDash Tips to “DO” Daily


You’re used to having a “to-do” list at home. Here is your daily “DO” list for DealDash.

Do you ever wish that someone would just tell you what to do so that you could win more auctions? Here at DealDash Tips we understand that, and want to help you win  more auctions with our list of DO’s for DealDash. If you follow this list you are bound to be winning more auctions in no time! Read on, take notes, visit DealDash.

  • Use your BidBuddy. The BidBuddy is your best friend on DealDash. You really shouldn’t be bidding without him. Your BidBuddy will place your bids during the last few seconds of the auction clock automatically, around the 2 second mark, so you can make the most of your “clock time” as the highest bidder without having to worry that you will accidentally press the “bid” button too slowly and not get your bid in. Or, in extremely rare cases, your BidBuddy will keep on bidding for you if your power goes out or your Wi-Fi disconnects, as long as you have booked bids in your BidBuddy. Your BidBuddy also saves you time since you don’t even have to sit at your computer or have it turned on as long as you have bids booked. The BidBuddy is a definite DO on DealDash.
  • Take time to research the items. It seems like not everyone follows this DealDash DO, but I highly recommend that you research everything that you can about the items before you bid. If you just start throwing your bids around without doing any research you have less of a strategy and therefore less chance of winning.
  • Check out the “Winners” tab at the top of the DealDash page. Check this tab daily on DealDash so you can get a feel for how the auctions are going that day. If you see a lot of winners for a final auction fee of less than $2 it might be wise to place some bids on items that you have had your eye on.
  • Buy It Now (BIN) DealDash wants you to be happy, that’s why they have the BIN feature available on each and every auction. If you don’t win the auction you can BIN the item for its retail price (that is always listed very clearly on each auction’s page), and receive each and every bid that you placed on that auction, as well as free shipping on the item. BINning an item that you don’t win is a huge DO on the DealDash DO’s list.

I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment down below. Now take this list of DealDash DO’s and go visit DealDash. You can check out the auctions, do some research, and see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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