DealDash Tips for the Week Ahead


What’s going on this week on DealDash? Lots of fun auctions, that’s for sure! Read these tips and be ready to win some auctions.

Here we are at the beginning of another week. It’s another chance for you to have a clean slate and start bidding and winning in DealDash auctions. If you just signed up, or if you still need a little help, then these tips will help you get started on your way to winning.

It’s the End of the Month, Almost

Many people in the United States get paid in the beginning of the month, or in the beginning and middle of the month. By the time it rolls around to the end of the month people are less likely to have extra money in their “fun budget” to either spend on bids or do a BIN (Buy It Now) on a more expensive auction. You can take advantage of this by saving up your bids or your fun money budget for the end of the month rather than the beginning. Give it a try!

Many New Items

This week we see lots of new items that have only just come up for auction recently. Some examples of this include giant round bean bag loungers, smart outlets for your home, and different styles of jewelry. You might be surprised to know that these new items aren’t always huge sellers when they are first up for bid. Sometimes it takes a little time for people to notice these new auctions that are available and just waiting for people to bid on them.

Take Advantage of Promotions

There are lots of promotions this week as well. Will it be a half-off auction day? Or even a FREE auction day sometime this week? What will be the lowest bid price that you will encounter? The only way to find out the answers to these questions is to be sure that you are at least checking in on DealDash every day. You might be surprised at what you might find!

Thanks for Reading the Blog

Keep these things in mind when you are bidding on DealDash this week. Check out the new items category and you will find something that you really want to bid on.

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