Tips for the Best DealDash Wins


Anyone can win on DealDash. Don’t you want to get the best wins for your bids? Read on to find out how to maximize your wins.

Everyone love to win, winning is awesome! Even winning a small auction is a lot of fun, but of course winning a bigger and better auction is always what everyone wants. Even small wins can really brighten your day, but an even bigger win might brighten your whole week. Here are some ideas, tips, and tricks from DealDash to get the best auction wins.

Don’t Bid on the First One

We all know that DealDash often has the same product up a few times in one day, especially with jewelry. The jewelry might be small in stature, but they are fairly expensive to purchase. They also make excellent gifts for any lady in your life from your wife to your mom to your child’s teacher. I consider these to be very nice wins, especially because I have seen them go for literally PENNIES. The trick to winning these items are to not bid on the first one of the day. When you see that beautiful necklace come up

The trick to winning these items are to not bid on the first one of the day. When you see that beautiful necklace come up at 7AM when you check in for the day, don’t bid on it! Do a search first and see if there is another one coming up later on in the day. If you see another one coming up at noon, skip the 7AM necklace, and go for the noon one instead.

Put Your Best Effort in First

If a big win is on your mind, then put your best effort in to win. Don’t throw in a few bids here and there, go away, come back and throw in more bids. That’s not the way to get big wins. Go big or go home, right?! Decide exactly how many bids that you want to spend in that auction, put them in your BidBuddy, and OWN that auction! I think that other bidders respect people that are willing to “go the distance” and bid, bid, bid. Don’t be a wishy-washy bidder, put those bids in and win that big auction that you’ve had your eye on for a while.

If Winning Doesn’t Work…

If you just can’t seem to snag that big win, then you’re going to have to BIN. When you BIN (Buy It Now) you will end up paying the retail price for the item, but you will get all of your bids back to use in a different auction. When you get your bids back to use in a different auction, well, that’s a whole new chance to get a big win! Now go out there and get that big win, you can do it!

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