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Bidding on DealDash can take up a large portion of your time if you do everything correctly. Here are some DealDash time saving tips for bidding.

Some people might think that you can just toss a few bids into the BidBuddy and walk away a winner. That does happen sometimes, but it would be more of a fluke than a rule of thumb. To win skillfully you need to take some time to put into research and auction watching. Here are some ideas and tips from DealDash on how to maximize your DealDash time.


Most people probably don’t think that spreadsheets are very fun, however, they can save you significant time and effort when you use them for DealDash. Instead of having to keep a notebook and pen next to your computer to do research on other bidders you can just quickly pop their name into a spreadsheet. The pen and notebook

The pen and notebook will work of course, but spreadsheets are better. The number one reason why I find spreadsheets better than the good ole’ pen and notebook is because you can quickly and easily alphabetize the bidder names. You can also use spreadsheets to sort the bidders in other ways such as by how many bids you estimate that they have spent, or by the final price of auctions. Spreadsheets will save you a lot of time on DealDash.


If you’re not using the “bookmark” feature on DealDash then you are wasting time. The bookmark feature can save you lots of time on DealDash because it allows you to quickly find the auctions that you are interested in bidding on. If you have some spare time when you’re waiting for dinner to cook, or on your commute (as long as you’re not the driver!) then quickly scroll through the auctions on DealDash and bookmark the ones that you like. Then, when you have some spare time later on you can check them out in depth.


BidBuddy, of course, is the number one time saver on DealDash. You heard me say earlier that you shouldn’t just toss bids into him and walk away. That’s true, but if you have done your prior research on the bidders and items, then feel confident in filling up the BidBuddy. Put in the amount of bids that are equal to the BIN (Buy It Now) price, and hit the “Book a BidBuddy” button. There you go, time saved.

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