This Weekend at DealDash

Hi from snowy New England! It’s about time it snowed, and what better to do when you are held up in the house with snow than DealDashing!  Every weekend at DealDash they sponsor a different sale designed to please all players, and this weekend is no exception! It doesn’t matter if you live in a snowy climate or not, it’s always fun to DealDash. Read on to learn about the amazing sale this weekend.

This Friday the 15th will continue the Winter-Savings Sale, there will be .12 cent bids, this is a good time to stock up on bids as this is one of the lowest prices on bids they offer.  The  Free Bid Meter will rack up twice as fast with the 2X multiplier.  So for every bid you place you will get free bids for your time as high bidder.

Martin Luther King was a hero of equality and for his fight for civil rights, and this weekend DealDash will honor his legacy with a 3X multiplier on the 16th and 17th, and bids will be only .13 cents for everyone!

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The best of the best is held for the holiday on Monday when many people have off from work, They are going to have .12 cent bids, 50% off on all wins, meaning, if you win an item for $4.00, you only pay $2. Likewise, if you win an item for $100. you only pay $50! Perhaps the best thing I can tell you about this weekend’s sale is the 5X multiplier, for every second as high bidder, you will get 5 times the free bids.  This is a good time to go for the big prize you’ve been dreaming of.

If you are going for the big one, buy the bids when they are on sale, get involved with a big ticket items and be a formidable player! Don’t back down, don’t back out, and stay true to this auction.  If you get involved with too many auctions you won’t be taken seriously, at least I don’t take people seriously if they are bidding unrealistically.  It’s not sustainable to bid in all auctions, you will soon be out of bids! Now, there is an exception to this, knowing the competition is the best way to avoid overbidding, you don’t want to do that!  It’s better to buy the item with the BIN (buy it now) options and get all your bids back, you won’t be able to get back into that auction, but at least you have your item and your bids to go for another item.

One more thing to keep in a mind is to go the the DealDash Facebook page, Like it and  Follow, they will follow you and you will get notifications about up coming sales, see who is winning and who’s posting.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding during this fantastic Martin Luther King Celebration!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.