This Weekend at DealDash, Sale!!

Oh how I love the sales at DealDash, it’s really one of my very favorite things about the site.  They really treat their customers with respect and surprises!  Each sale has its fans, and you will get to know what players may be in the auction and who may not.

Getting to know who will be in an auction is something that comes with time in the auctions.  There are people who bid on the same items over and over, they most likely Exchange for bids, this is a fun feature at DealDash where you can turn in you item and get more bids instead.  Just go into your Dashboard and find you item on the top of the list click “pay now” and there will be two options, pay or exchange for bids.

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This weekend at DealDash they are having a Free Weekend Sale, where all wins are free.  You bid like any other auction but the final price is covered by DealDash and you spend one penny on a transaction fee and pay nothing for your item.  The shipping  is FREE.

On Friday & Saturday April 01-2, 2016 bids are only .13 cents.  On Sunday April 3, 2016  bids are only .12 cents! This is a great time to stock up on bids as you will get a few extra bids for the around same price.  So add a handful of low priced bids plus one penny for your item and free shipping,  and very soon you will have a great prize showing up at your door for a huge savings.


It’s so much fun to shop and play at DealDash, but I will admit, when I pay one penny for my item it feels so good!  My family loves it too!   I just love the low priced bids and free items, that’s my reward.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!