DealDash Top Tips Round-Up for 03/02


Welcome to the latest DealDash Weekly Top Tip Round-Up for 03/02. As we do each and every week, we’ll round-up some of the top tips for you from the week before. Read on for more helpful tips and tricks from DealDash Tips.

Welcome to the first article in the DealDash Top Tip Round-Up series for the month of March. In this popular fun weekly series, we highlight the most helpful tips from the week before. We love to share our DealDash knowledge with all of the new (and not so new) DealDash bidders. Read on for a recap of the best tips from last week, from the DealDash Tips Blog.

Minimize Distractions from the February 24th Blog

The theme of February 24th’s blog was all about how to keep your head in the game while bidding on DealDash. The top tip of that blog was to minimize distractions when bidding DealDash. Here is a great tip from that blog:

“ It’s important to minimize distractions. Bidding while older children are in school and younger ones are napping can be a great time.”


If you’d like to read that blog in its entirety, just click this link right here and you can check it out. There are even more suggestions for some ways to keep your head in the game and focused on DealDash.

 Remember Your Budget from the February 19th Blog

The blog on February 19th was regarding tips for everyone to keep in mind, in other words, the basics. There were a few excellent tried and true tips in there, but the tip to remember from that blog was to set and stick to a bidding budget. From that blog:

“You’ll need money to buy bids, pay final auction values, and also do any BINs (Buy It Now) that you deem important. Make sure that you stick to your budget, and don’t go over because then you will be short on your bidding budget for the following month.  ”

Want to read the whole article? Just click here.

Happy Birthday DealDash from the February 25th Blog

February 25th’s blog was all about DealDash celebrating their nine year birthday. Theresa wrote about a few different promotions, but the limited wins promo was the most exciting. From the blog:

“With this promotion, bidders can win up to five items per day. This is exciting news as it creates less competition once other bidders reach their limit of five items won each day.”

If you would like to read the rest of that article, just click here.

Go Wild! From the February 26th Blog

February 26th’s blog was filled with some hot DealDash Tips. A helpful suggestion from this article was to go wild and step out of your comfort zone. From the blog:

“Do you ever find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut while you are bidding? Well, maybe it’s time to do some different things. Go bid in a different category, bid on something that you would never have tried to bid on before, or even throw in some bids on a huge bid pack!”

If you would like to read the rest of that article, just click here.

High Dollar and Low Dollar from February 27th’s Blog

February 22nd’s blog was all about the differences in bidding on high or low dollar items on DealDash. Barbara wrote about a few differences, but the big take-away from that article was to pay attention to your budget before bidding. From the blog:

“Bottom line: Before bidding in an auction, we should first look at our budget and number of bids we have, check the retail value of the products, look at the competition and then decide.”

If you would like to read the rest of that article, just click here.

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