Stop the Smartphone Battery Drain!

Are you tired of your iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone always going dead when you want to use it? The batteries on our powerful little devices don’t last long – especially if we’re sharing photos and bits of our lives in instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.! When you actually need to use your phone to make a call oftentimes it’s dead! Make your phone last longer and stop the battery drain with these handy external battery packs.
1. Juice Pack Powerstation by Mophie for Select Apple Devices.
This juice pack by mophie ensures that your phone or iPad will stay on longer! This mophie Juice Pack 38205BBR powerstation features 4000 mAh power capacity for quick and reliable charging and an LED status light that lets you know the power status at a glance.
juice pack powerstationYou can’t go wrong with this juice pack. Retail price is $79.99. DealDash offers auctions for this item. Buy it now for $80 – the last one ended for just $2.78 (278 bids by all bidders). See upcoming mophie auctions here DealDash Mophie Power Packs.
voltix usb powerpack

Voltix USB 2900 mAh Hanging Portable Charger External Battery Pack (Red)
Hangs anywhere, Goes Everywhere! Attaches to your Belt loops, Back packs, Hand bags and much more…Charges mobile devices while you’re on the go.
USB 2900 mAh Power Bank. Sells for $13.95.


PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger for Apple® iPhone® 4 and 4S

Ensure your Apple® iPhone® 4 or 4S is ready for use with this PhoneSuit Flex PSMICRO2A pocket charger that features a 2600 mAh battery to power your phone when you’re on the go. – See more at: Buy it Now price: $70 – the last auction for this sold for just $1.81!

Super compact charger, this was first previewed at the 2013 CES. It can also charge iPod Touch!
So if you’re traveling across the world, or just down the road – it’s always good to have a full battery for your cellphone. You never know when you might need it.
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