Special June Features

Hey, all of you DealDash.com shoppers you will be glad to know that throughout June DealDash will be offering some pretty significant specials.

From June 7 to 13, DealDash will feature Inventory Liquidation Week. This means we will have one more opportunity to purchase hundreds of clearance products to make room for more brand new items. This will be followed by Splash into Summer sale from June 15 to June 18 ending in Father’s day weekend.

For those of us who want to make the most of earning more time on our clock June is the best time to shop because DealDash will be offering many Highest Bidder Multipliers.

In the middle of the month, on June 14, we also celebrate Flag Day. Do you know why we celebrate Flag Day?

History of Flag Day

Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States. Americans celebrate Flag Day by displaying the Red, White and Blue in front of our homes and businesses.

According to Wikipedia and Britannica.com, Flag Day is not actually an official federal holiday, but Pennsylvania celebrates the day as a state holiday.

Bernard Cigrand, a small-town Wisconsin teacher, first came up with the idea for an annual Flag Day to be celebrated across the country and he led his school in the first formal observance on June 14, 1885. But it was not until 1916 President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14 as the official date for Flag Day. In 1949 the U.S. Congress permanently established the date as National Flag Day.

Flag Day is also a good time for patriotic Americans to learn more about how care for and show proper respect for our flag.  Many Americans might not know about the 9 mistakes we should never make with the American Flag:

  • Hanging the Flag in bad weather
  • Flying the Flag at night
  • Displaying the American Flag below another Flag
  • Displaying Flags of many nations at different heights
  • Flying the Flag at Full Staff before noon on Memorial Day
  • Orienting the Flag incorrectly when displayed flat
  • Hanging the Flag upside down
  • Allowing the Flag to touch the ground
  • Adding anything to the Flag

I’m sure you won’t want to miss any of the special features DealDash offers in June.

I’ll see you there!

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