Shopping for Face Masks

Most women want to look their best, right?

The bad news is that the older we get the more we must do to maintain our good looks. The good news is that we are shopping in the right place. has many different beauty products up for auction.

Detoxifying charcoal mask

I just now noticed a beauty product I never before saw – a set of three jars of detoxifying charcoal mask.

The Detoxifying Charcoal Mask set (with a BIN of $84.00) has many benefits.

According to the DealDash auction description, it’s a clay mask that targets large pores, blemishes, and oil production. It absorbs toxins, impurities, and free radicals to deep clean and detoxify skin. It is recommended to use this face mask one to two times a week. 

So far, some of the best deals past winners received are:

  • Aug. 11, this charcoal face mask set sold at 9 cents and the winner paid a total of 89 cents including the cost of the 4 bids placed.
  • Aug. 7, this face mask set sold at 26 cents and the winner paid a total of $2.43 including the cost of the 12 bids placed.
  • Aug. 5, this face mask set sold at 18 cents and the winner paid a total of $1.38 including the cost of the 6 bids placed.

Out of 42 product reviews so far, this face mask received an overall rating of 4.93 out of a possible 5.0 which is an excellent rating.

Facial plumping sheet mask

This Facial Plumping Sheet Mask (with a BIN of $200) also has many benefits, especially if we are looking for an anti-aging face mask. They come in a set of 10.

The facial plumping sheet masks are infused with anti-aging Collagen, Peptides, Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic Acid that hydrate and repairs damaged skin in only 15 minutes.

It reduces the appearance of pore size, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and wrinkles, crow’s feet, under the eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles and frown lines. For a listing of all 24 ingredients used in these Facial Plumping Sheet Masks, see the auction description.

Surprisingly, 33 out of 35 of these auctions over the last 30 days sold at less than $10.00.  Therefore, an overwhelming number of winners received outstanding bargains.

After 11 customer reviews, these Plumping Sheet Masks received an overall rating of 4.95 out of a possible 5.0 and that says a lot about the quality of this product.

Best of all, these Facial Plumping Sheet Masks are loved by dermatologists, doctors and skin professionals.

The bottom line

I’ve always had really good skin so I have never yet used any kind of facial mask. However, after reading about the benefits of using these face masks sounds like something I should start using. These products could bring a new fresh glow to any woman’s face. Perhaps I could disguise my age even more if I start using these products, so I’ll see you in the auctions!

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