Carry Your Baby in Style and Comfort

The Britax Baby Carrier in Black is the ultimate way to carry your baby in style and comfort.

The Britax Baby Carrier was created to be the most comfortable way to carry a baby for the budding parent.  The CarryLong System, which reduces the risk of back and shoulder strain during long periods of extended wear is ideal for the simple distribution of weight to keep you and your baby comfortable for hours.
Britax Baby Carrier
The design is versatile and fit on just about anyone with any baby. There isn’t a much better way to carry your little angel then with the Britax Baby Carrier. The carrier is designed so you can comfortably carry your baby either facing away or towards you without worry. The carrier will carry babies and toddlers that weigh as much as 32 pounds. The various carrying positions means you can switch it up and keep things fresh for you and your child.
There are even padded leg openings to protect your babies legs and a contoured design for easy breath-ability to keep your baby’s skin oxygenated and fresh and cool. It’s a great design that lets you keep a controlled temperature without the worry of your baby getting to warm or moist. The Britax Baby Carrier has a design that makes it easy to and nearly effortless to slip on and off the baby without too much pain or strain. There are even harness straps that allow you easily adjust the harness to fit your baby or toddler.
And easy to adjust waist belt accommodates 22 inches to 56 inches for the ultimately perfect fit. The excess belt, storage bands help to eliminate loos straps and keep the Britax Baby Carrier Clean and functioning smoothly. It’s an awesome design that is made up of 100% cotton and is completely machine washable, so is the included stain protect-ant bib.
There is an adjustable stabilizer to help protect the younger infants head and neck from receiving injury. The leg loops help to reduce the size of the leg openings for the smaller babies and help to keep them secure. The overall design was created to help keep the baby 100% safe and secure. You can check out the awesome Britax Baby Carrier on and get one for a great price with a 100% money back guarantee.