The Sweetest Deals This Week on DealDash Recap May 12-18th

twix fun sizeFavorite win this week: Twix Fun Size Bag for just $1.02. Because chocolate + caramel makes everything better!
Right now on DealDash bids are 70% off during their Gear Up for Summer Bid Sale! If you’re wondering what kind of deals other bidders are getting on DealDash and how it works here’s a recap of the best deals of this past week  – May 12th to 18th!
 Monday: Whether or not you’re a new bidder and just starting out on penny auctions, bid pack auctions can be a great way to go to save money on bids. On Monday FriedCrab won a 600 bids bid pack for an end price of $0.24 and just a small handful of bids. bidpack
Tuesday:  On Tuesday PleaseStopNow must have made everyone just stop because he won this Yvolution Y Fliker A3 Scooter with just ONE bid and a final end price of $0.09…Do you think names like PleaseStopNow cause other bidders to back off? Is it the name alone? Check out our series on Powerbidders: The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions.
yvolution scooter auction
Wednesday: NeoandTrinity won this Garmin nuvi GPS with lifetime updates for a final end price of $0.07 and just two bids on Wednesday. The Garmin GPS retails for around $105. Amazing deal! garmin nuvi deas
Thursday was a good day for urhawkel, he won an unlocked HTC Smartphone for $2.50 and the bids he spent. Insane deal the HTC One retails for $650! htc one deals
Wow, now talk about a super deal. This KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6 Quart Stand Mixer in a gorgeous Tangerine color sold to bidder ruthless714 for just $6.17. It holds a retail buy it now price of $543 and if you’re a serious cook or baker you know that this is a steal of a deal for this heavy duty, sleek and stylish piece of kitchen machinery. Tip: Great wedding gift idea too!kitchenaid mixer deal
Yesterday bidder vester122 won this awesome Brother Intellifax Fax/Printer/Copier for just a final end price of $307, looks like he was going head to head with bidder WatchMe for awhile, but he won it and if it was just him and WatchMe that’s only 100 bids or so? At a discounted rate of only $0.16 or so each he may have won the $343 printer for as little as $20… Wow! It is a one-per-user item, meaning all bidders can only win this item once on DealDash and all previous winners are blocked from bidding. Bidding tip: Take note that vester122 won shortly after the $3.00 lock-in threshold was meant to limit participants to those who had previously placed bids in the auction.
brother intellifax printer deal

PokerPro777 scored this awesome new Keurig Elite Single-Serve Brewer Coffee Machine for just a few bids and a final end price of $0.12! Way to go! The Keurig retails at around $120 and is my daily go-to kitchen appliance. Get one if you like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa even. The Keurig does it all!
What is your favorite win on DealDash? Tell us all about it in the comments section and we may feature you here! Let us know if you have any questions on how to bid and any tips for bidding on penny auctions that you would like to share.