Read DealDash Blogs For Winning Tips

By Barbara

It’s a good idea for customers on to take time to read blogs. DealDash blogs, written by experienced players and DealDash team members, contain many tips to help customers win more for less.

A good place to start is to read everything under the “Help” header on the DealDash home page. That is where you will learn how it works, how to bid in an auction, tips and tricks, what a bid pack is, what “time as highest bidder” is and all about.

It is also a good idea to read the “Latest Blogs.” where you will learn all about the latest changes and new bidding strategies. Blogs are available on how to save bids, how to earn free bids, how to avoid common mistakes, how to find auctions that close early, bid strategies, setting limits, what time or days are best, what beginners should know and more.

It is never a good idea to play any game without first reading the instructions on how it works. The more we know the better choices we will make. DealDash is no different. The more we learn about how to play smart, the more auctions we will win.

When I first started shopping on DealDash, I wasted a lot of bids because I did not know how to use BidBuddy, the automated bidder. As soon as I started reading and asking questions I started winning. DealDash has more information and instructions available than any other shopping site I found.

The more we learn about how to play smart, the more likely we will have a happy and rewarding shopping experience. Therefore, read blogs, learn winning tips and you will have a happy shopping experience on, too.




Sponsored blog post submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers                                                         

Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.