Paying It Forward On DealDash


Do you ever “Pay It Forward? “ In other words, did you ever purposely allow another customer to win?

I have, especially when it is a new customer trying to get that first win. Remember how difficult it was to win that first auction when you were a new customer and you had not yet developed a winning strategy?
You might think that’s a ridiculous thing to do. After all, we are all bidding because we are “in it to win it” and we all “love to win,” so why “Pay It Forward” to a complete stranger? Ever since I saw the movie “Pay It Forward,” I started doing random acts of kindness. I am sure most of us can think of a time when we were lucky enough to receive help from a stranger when we really needed it. About a month ago, a young couple next to me at a movie theater came up $3 short. I had $3 in my pocket and when I saw the desperate look in their faces, I handed them the $3 and said, “All I ask is that you ‘Pay It Forward’ by helping someone else in need someday.
Likewise, when I am bidding on DealDash and I see from the information in the upper right that my only remaining competition has not yet won an auction, while I already have some wins for the week, sometimes I purposely cancel my remaining bids to let that new customer win. Of course, the customer might never know I did that, but as long as I know it makes my day.
We can all make the world a better place – one person at a time – even while placing bids on DealDash. What is the best reason to purposely allow another customer to win? I say, “Because we can”. We can do random acts of kindness for anyone at any time. Why not do the same on DealDash?
By Barbara Sellers (SorryMyTurn)

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