My Kids LOVE DealDash!!!

My user name on DealDash is loveablenicki. I have 2 young boys Zander 11 and Zack 4. They have grown to love DealDash as much as I do, and now that they know what mommy is doing on there. My 11 year old son loves video games. Every time there is a new video game that comes out he knows he is more likely to get it if DealDash has it than if I have to go to a store. We look them up in the DealDash search and mark them for reminders. DealDash will send me a email every time an auction is coming up so I don’t miss out on the deals. I have won many video games on this web site.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II for Nintendo Wii valued at $20 for $1.24 is one of many I have won and this is what my 11 year old is into – Star Wars.

DealDash Winners

As far as my little one he is loving his Cars 6-Inch Folding Scooter by Huffy valued at $40 for only 70 cents!!! He plays with this every day. 

DealDash Winners

I have all ready started doing my Christmas shopping for this year, but i’m going to need more space to store everything LOL My closet only holds so much 🙂 But this Christmas is going to be A awesome one thanks to DealDash!!!

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