Offload Auctions

Perhaps you noticed something new on referred to as offload auctions.

How are offload auctions different from regular auctions?

Let’s take a look at some of the main differences.


Perhaps the first thing we might notice is that the BIN of offload auctions appears to be extremely high. At first sight, we might even think it has to be a mistake, but it’s not. Here’s why. Offload auctions includes a huge number of a particular product in bulk.

If we win an offload auction, we are not winning only one item, but we might actually be bidding on several hundred products. Let me give you an example.

One offload auction at the time of this writing is for sonic facial cleansers, but not just for one sonic facial cleanser, but for a grand total of 728 of them. The BIN of $109,200 might appear to be rather outrageous at first glance, but not if you do the math. If we divide the total number of units into the BIN, it would come out to be about $150.00 each.

If we were to look up the normal price per unit, this would actually be a reasonable price, and here’s the real kicker – the winner may very well win the entire offload auction for a lot less than the BIN.

In fact, the last winner of this auction paid a total of $4,731.99 counting the cost of the 22,213 bids placed. If we do the math again, in this case, that means the winner actually paid roughly $6.50 per unit and that could represent a huge profit even if each unit were resold for a huge discount of only $50.00 each. But, according to DealDash policy we cannot resell them, right? Wrong!

That, my fellow shoppers, is where another difference comes in.

An exception to resale policy

DealDash has made special arrangements and agreed with the brand partner that DealDash customers who win offload auctions do have the right to resell each of the units. While it’s true that in regular auctions we are still strictly forbidden to resell the products we win, DealDash has made an exception to this policy for the winners of offload auctions.

The bottom line

This means that offload auctions offers an outstanding opportunity for any DealDash shoppers who are already in the retail business and/or already operate their own stores.

If we keep our eyes open, we are bound to continue to see more exciting new auctions like this because DealDash is constantly looking for new ideas to keep its shoppers happy.

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