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Do you enjoy playing various sports games with your family? If so, you are shopping in the right place. has several family sports products up for auction including Pickleball paddles, Foosball Soccer Table, folding Poker Table and more.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these items.


I read that pickleball is one of the best sports to play to maintain good health.

I did not know that pickleball paddles come in different weights because I never played it yet but I might try it because it looks like fun.

DealDash offers pickleball paddle sets in both heavyweight and in mid-weight. One set includes 4 outdoor glow-in-the-dark paddles and a 3-pack of glow-in-the-dark balls. It has a BIN of $453.

Three of the paddles in coral, green and purple are heavyweight paddles and one green paddle is mid-weight. The paddle weight range is 8.2-ounces. Grip size is 3.87 and 4-inch. They have anti-slip grip and are approved for tournament play. The balls are 50-hole balls with a harder shell for outdoor play, but they will work inside, too. The diameter of the balls is 2.91-inch and the weight per ball is .91-ounces.

Some of the best deals former winners received in the last 30 days were:

  • July 15, this glow-in-the-dark pickleball set sold at 5 cents and the winner paid a total of 25 cents including the cost of the 1 bid placed;
  • July 10, this pickleball set sold at $2.14 and the winner paid a total of $10.54 including the cost of the 42 bids placed;
  • July 18, this pickleball set sold at $3.31 and the winner paid a total of $5.31 including the cost of the 10 bids placed.

For more information, please see the auction description.

Foosball Soccer Table

Did you see the foosball soccer table?  It has a BIN of $494 but it appears to be a brand new auction item so there are no statistics yet showing what bargain price it might sell. Actually, it looks like it is very competitive because 104 shoppers are competing in this auction at the time.

The dimensions of the table are 56-inches long by 28.75-inches high. This foosball soccer table weighs 102.60 pounds. This foosball game table set includes all accessories needed to play and has black, red and green colors. It has sturdy leg construction with additional apron and panel supports. It is easy to assemble with no tools required. It has hand-painted players and traditional bead scorers. The table includes 2 soccer balls.

For more details, see the auction listing.

Folding Poker Table

This folding poker table, with a BIN of $268 appears to be a brand new auction, too. It includes everything we need to start playing poker: 100 poker chips in 5 colors, 1 poker chip case, 6 playing card decks and 1 dealing shoe for 6 decks. The chips are 11 grams each with a 38 mm diameter and a 3.3 mm thickness.

This poker table has room for 6 people to play cards, and it folds for easy storage. When assembled, it is 46-inches long, 46-inches wide, and 30-inches high. It weighs 48 pounds. It has padded rails and cup holders

So far, it has no past winner statistics and no reviews by previous winners. However, this auction also appears to be fairly competitive because as of now 78 shoppers are competing in this auction.

The bottom line

If you want to have more family fun games available, now is a good time to shop on

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