Nintendo – Entertainment on the Go!

There are very few companies that have retained an iconic status among generations and generations of consumers. Nintendo, however, is one of them and is truly a company with a household name.

Originally founded way back in 1889 with nary a thought of electronic gaming – Nintendo first produced playing cards. In the 1970s, Nintendo finally found the right niche when they developed themselves as a video game company. Now, they are the world’s largest video company based on revenue. Due to their storied, long past, it is also no irony that “Nintendo” actually translates from Japanese to English as “Leave luck to heaven.”
Nintendo’s products can be divided into three main categories: Home Consoles, Handheld Consoles, and Software. It unveiled their first home console in 1985: The Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. Since then, they’ve released 5 home consoles including the Super Nintendo Entertain System, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii and Wii U. The Wii released in the November/December holiday season of 2012 and is popular for its primary controller that features an embedded touchscreen. You can have the whole family involved in a fun activity when it is not possible to go outdoors. If there is a thunderstorm outside but you are in a mood for tennis then Wii is right for your family.
As far as Handheld Consoles go, Nintendo has produced four different products: the Game & Watch, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS. The Game & Watch was their first try at a handheld console and simply include one game on a handheld watch format that also included a clock and an alarm. Software from Nintendo includes thousands of games titles available for purchase for all the different consoles. The most popular, by far, is the Super Mario gaming titles and the spin-off game titles from that franchise. Whether you are in a bus on the way to work or bored on a long flight you have the Nintendo Handheld Consoles, like Game Boy to accompany you.
If you’re an adult feeling nostalgic for the characters and game playing stories you enjoyed as a child, or if you have a child who you want to get started playing along with the updated versions of the characters you enjoyed so much, Nintendo is still right here, being a trusted gaming brand ready to entertain you.
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