New Changes Make Winning Easier on DealDash

Did you see the new changes DealDash has made recently?

We can now double click on any of the auctions and get more information about each auction than we ever had before.

We can now see the dates each auction was recently won, the user (screen) name of the winners, the price the last several auctions closed at, how many bids the winners placed and the estimated total cost each winner paid (counting the cost of the bids, plus the final cost).

I cannot tell you how many times new customers on DealDash have asked, “How many bids will it take me to win (this or that) auction?” Of course, there is no definitive answer to that question because it’s different for every auction. However, now being able to see how many bids were used to win each auction will definitely help customers at least come up with an educated guess based on an overall average.

For example: If four customers out of the last eight winners used 100 bids or less to win an auction, then you know that if you place 100 bids in that auction, you will at least have about a 50 percent chance of winning it.

Another benefit of this new change is that you will now get to keep track of and make a list of the “high rollers” or the customers who consistently place the most bids.

Bottom line: Anyone who knows how to use this new information should definitely find it easier to win more auctions on Dealdash.

Sponsored blog post submitted by Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara is a retired newspaper editor, mother and grandmother, who grew up on a Minnesota farm in a family of 14 children.  Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.